Friday, June 21, 2024

IBMCs: Azaia/George Fields - Worldwide Remixes 5 - 2024


7" - 2024 - IBMCs 

"IBMCs 7 inch 5 is the final record in a series of 7 inches, the first one coming out over a decade ago. The tracks are part of the IBMCs Worldwide Remix Project, an enormous undertaking where all the tracks are remixes with the same title, ‘Worldwide’. 

On this record we have remixes of tracks by the legendary UK group Phi Life Cypher and Boston icon Edo G. The Phi Life remix is by French producer Azaia and includes cuts from his co-conspirator Venom, and the Edo G remix is by longtime collaborator George Fields (UK) with cuts from everyone’s favourite DJ, the inimitable Mr Thing. 

IBMCs 7 inch 5 is limited to 200 copies on transparent blue vinyl and as with the other records in the series, a lot of care has been taken to ensure it’s a great product sonically and conceptually giving you both the rough and the smooth. . " - courtesy of IBMCs

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