Monday, May 24, 2021

Wild Sniper - Catching Wreck - 1993


12" - 1993 - CM Records 

Here is a good indie 12" released in 1993 by the emcee named Wild Sniper from Brooklyn, NY, member of the 5 Star Crew, consisted of Wild Sniper, K-Suite, Mighty Oxx, Flipster and a duo of female emcees named X-Cess.

 The wax is composed of the tracks "Catch Wreck (Remix)" featuring Mighty Oxx, "Catch Wreck (Explicit Remix)" featuring D-Zel on the A-side, and "Yo! We Got Alot" featuring the whole 5 Star Crew and "Catch Wreck (Original)" featuring Mighty Oxx on the B-side. 

For the production part, "Catch Wreck (Original)" was produced by Fred Brown and David Downie, "Yo! We Got Alot" was produced by J. "Supreme" Benjamin, David Downie and Fred Brown, and both remix versions of "Catch Wreck" were produced by David Downie, Fred Brown and Josh Daniels. Both remix versions are good but the winner version is the Explicit Remix.

The 12" came out on the Brooklyn-based label CM Records which released the same year the full various compilation of the 5 Star Crew titled "We Got Alot", another one to catch if you don't own it in your collection yet ! The tracks "Catch Wreck (Original) and "Yo! We got a Lot" are also on it. 

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