Friday, May 7, 2021

Circle Of Native Vibes - Against All Odds - 2021


LP - 2021 - Back2DaSource Records 

"Sup y'all !?  We back at it with another Gem from B-More !  Circle Of Native Vibes AKA Cee Now Victory was  a group originally consisted of 4 members named Born, Blak, Kalife and Ali.  This Against All Odds Album was supposed to drop late 90's only a couple of cds were pressed, almost impossible to find. In 1999 they dropped their  12" (only 3 titles + instr) But the whole album contained many mid 90's Bangas so we  had to press this for the 1st time on vinyl. Not exactly the same tracklisting as the OG cd album, names can vary for some tracks, but very solid album. CD format will be available too of course. 11 songs of melodious jazzy beats mixed with pure Knowledge & Great Flows too. Time to reveal the Truth my friends. The track called Nam has been added too, this one appears on their Holy Grail Tape from 94." - courtesy of Bee Lapointe (Back2DaSource Records)

Pre-Order : Bundle / Vinyl (300 copies) / CD (300 copies)

Shipping Date : End of May/ Early June.

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