Thursday, May 6, 2021

MF GRIMM - Built To Last Mix

New episode of the Built To Last Mix, this one is dedicated to the legendary MF Grimm ! 


Scars and Memories

Wack Emcees feat. Yves St Larock & Wayne-O

Take Em To War Feat Kool G Rap & B1 

King of New York

Get Down (Street) 

Baby bust it feat Kurious, Kadi Mf Doom, Lord sear 

Stay Strapped feauturing Akinyele, Big Chuck, CJ Moore, Kool G Rap

The Original & The Original (DJ Fakts One Remix)

International Rules (Get Down Chorus Remix)

Break 'Em Off

My love

Dedicated & Remix

Foolish feat Megalodon & Mf Doom

Crumb Snatchers

Landslide & Remix

Emotions Ft B-1 (Street)

Money On My Brain feat Kool G Rap & B.1

Calamus + Star Anise = Superhero

Red #40 + Wasabi = Bottle Rocket

Unrealesed Track feat Mf Doom

Tick, Tick (Main Mix)

Do it for the kids

Mugwort + Cinnamon = Shifting Lan feat Kurious

Dragons Blood Resin + Ginger = War paint

Benzoin Gum + Asafoetida = 10 Yea

Take Em To War (Original Version)

So Watcha Want

Dragons Blood + Cayenne = 1000 De

Bloody Love Letter


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