Tuesday, May 18, 2021

C.O.D. Crew ‎- Streets "R" Callin' - 1999

This 12" was released by the C.O.D. crew a.k.a Children Of Destruction, the legendary Bronx-based graffiti crew originally consisted of Michelob, Cover, Crazy Wen, Wane, D-Stress, Latin Face, Reas, Relm, Skeen, Poem, Dash & Ages. The crew was founded in 1983. 
The C.O.D's core members (Cover, Crazy Wen, Wane, D-Stress & Latin Face) dropped a few 12-inches between the middle and late 90s and "Streets "R" Callin'" is one of them. It was released in 1999 on Worldwide Entertainment / Buildin' Records.

C.O.D  - Photo courtesy of Wen 

All the tracks of the wax "Streets "R" Callin'", "Lyricinslavement" & "We All Alone" are all produced by Jocko, better known in the early 90s for being a member of the Rap duo F.R.P a.k.a Flavor Rap Productions. The tracks are the same on both side, the A-side is composed of the clean versions and the B-side is composed of the dirty versions. 

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  1. After seeing the name Jocko on the list, it rang a bell. It is the same producer as on the two Mafioso Crime Family 12-inches. Jaz also did the artwork.