Monday, May 10, 2021

Shabazz The Disciple - Built To Last Mix


Latest episode of the Built To Last Mix dedicated to the legendary Shabazz The Disciple. 

1/ Street Parables (ft Lord Jamar) 

2/ Art of Raw (ft Freestyle & D-Stroy) 

3/ Organized Rime 

4/ Retrophin (Gravediggaz remix - ft Solomon Childs & Frukwan) 

5/ Party Wit a Tec 

6/ I'm Breathing For You 

7/ Scan the Fields (ft Freestyle & D-Stroy) 

8/ Death Be The Penalty (Je$u$ remix) 

9/ Preme 

10/ Scarlett Robe (prisoner) 

11/ Diary of a Madman (ft Gravediggaz & Killah Priest) 

12/ Thieves in Da Night (Heist - Q Unique Mix) 

13/ Five Arch Angels (ft Sunz Of Man) 

14/ Ya Exodust 

15/ Ghetto Apostles (Frankensteeno remix) 

16/ Crime Saga (Skeletor remix) 

17/ Save Yourself (ft Gravediggaz) 

18/ Blow Em Up Bazz 

19/ Hop Pop 

20/ U Don't Want That (ft Nine)

21/ Celestial Soldiers (ft Freestyle – Arsonits)

22/ Writing Rhymes With a Liquid Pen (Ft. Sunz of Man)

23/ Disciples Of Armageddon - Hold This Planet

24/ Conscious of Sin "alternative version"

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