Friday, May 7, 2021

Shrlock Da Madman - 90's Unreleased + All Comp. Slide Back - 2021

2xLP - 2021 - Back2DaSource Records  

"Sup y'all ?! Proud to announce we got Shrlock AKA Shrlok Da Madman & his producer Chip Fab in the house !  We joined forces to reissue their 12" Holy Grail from 96 called All Comp / Slide Back with nothing less than SEVEN DOPE 90s unreleased tracks as bonuses, produced by Chip Fab  and never heard before ! Ill shit ! Full rap version of Slide Back  & many other Gems included. The 12" tracks have been remastered, slighly different than the OG 12'' sound but trust me you wont be disappointed with the sound quality wait until you spin it, I'd say it even sounds better than the OG, but yo lets say different haha. We did our best to bring you that crazy high audio quality experience, with that analog Mastering (Big Dé as always) Comes with Shrlok Da Madman Logo Insert ... DOPE Boom Bap from Richmond, VA !! " - courtesy of Bee Lapointe (Back2DaSource Records)


Where did you come from exactly ?

Shrlock : "I was born and raised in Richmond Virginia."

When did you fall into hip-hop ?

Shrlock : "I fell in love with Hip Hip at 15yrs old. Spending the summer at my cousin Leonard's house. He showed me breakdancing, rapping, everything. From that moment I was hooked."

How did the connection happen between you and Chip Fabolous ?

Shrlock : "Chip Fabolous and I connected in Highschool. He started making beats and asked to produce for me."

Where does the name of SHRLOCK Da Madman come from ? 

Shrlock : "The name Shrlok was a nickname they called me in school, for being smart. Da madman represented the other side of my personality, which was more aggressive."

What were your Hip-Hop influences at that time ? 

Shrlock : "When I first started rapping, the artist that influenced me the most was LL Cool J."

How did you originally hook up with Rolling Records ?

Shrlock : "I hooked up with Rolling Records through Chip Fabolous. He introduced me to the opportunity and I ran with it."

Why was there nothing else released after the 12" in 1996 ?

Shrlock : "The reason there was never any follow up after we released the 12" in 1996 was due to creative differences."

Is Shrlock still in the game nowadays ?

Shrlock : "Yes I'm still active in Hip-Hop. My name is no longer Shrlok. My name now is Big Sty. I've been releasing music under that name since 2004. I signed a major record deal in 2004. Had a single called "It's a problem" that did very well. My new single is called "Hands Up" featuring Spade. I can be contacted on social media. @bigsty804 is my instagram. My facebook page is Sty Lynch. "

Extra limited Tape edition of this project will be released on Ill Catz Records, only 50 Cassettes pressed. 

Pre-Order : Bundle / Vinyl (300 copies) / CD (300 copies)

Shipping Date : End of May/ Early June.

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