Monday, May 24, 2021

Mix : DJ DS - Goes Back to School (The Graduation: 1991)


"It’s time to go ‘Back to School’ for the final time! 1991 is the year I graduated high school it's my second favorite year, after '88 of course! I’ve loved making this series of mixes & it’s definitely cemented the fact this was the best era for the culture. It's also 30 years this summer!

Thanks to everyone that recorded a drop for me on this & the others in the series, including Percee P, Skratch Bastid, DJ Moneyshot, DJ Jimmy Green, DJ Repo, Rob Pursey, Nanlib, Def Goldbloom, DJ Bobby Cousy, E Major, DJ Mentos, Kil, Kane Major, DJ Wix One, Easy Egg, Hip Hop History Guy, Richie (1 of 100), Steve (Applestump Records) & anyone else that’s hooked me up!

Also to all the bloggers that have posted; Jamo, DJ Step One, Pipomixes, Rob Unkut, Unikone, Hip Hop Nostalgia, DJ Sav One, Golden Era, DJ Rikki Rick, This is for the Hustlers and many others. Sorry if I've missed you!" - courtesy of DJ DS

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