Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Funky DL - Jazz Dust - 2021


Funky DL is back with a brand new instrumental project entitled "Jazz Dust" which is a 10-Track EP paying homage to Pete Rock and Q-Tip : 

"Eloquently produced, Jazz Dust showcases Funky DL's eclectic creativity in producing some of the finest instrumental albums. 

In offering of a less polished sheen to the sound, the dust and crackles are deliberate and help retain the raw and authentic feel of Jazz and Hip-Hop. DL displays his instinctive nature in approaching the production. Nothing is overthought or over complicated, instead the album takes a smooth ride across a range of moods that work just for what they are. 

The musical themes (directly and indirectly) pay homage to both Pete Rock and Q-Tip (A Tribe Called Quest), the famed New York Producers responsible for a plethora of Hip-Hop classics over the years. 

With essences of familiarity from the extensive catalogue of each, Jazz Dust hosts both subtle and obvious reminders of their works, which Funky DL cleverly weaves and stitches throughout this project; including hints of: 

"Electric Relaxation" - A Tribe Called Quest 

"Butter" - A Tribe Called Quest 

"Carmel City" - Pete Rock & CL Smooth 

"Act Like You Know" - Pete Rock & CL Smooth 

"Let's Ride" - Q-Tip 

"La Schmoove" - (Fu-Schnickens) - Produced by A Tribe Called Quest 

"For Pete's Sake" - Pete Rock & CL Smooth 

"Hot Sex" - A Tribe Called Quest 

Overall, this instrumental album pull no punches. Instead, what DL offers is an uncut insight into the sentiments that go towards being one of the finest Hip-Hop Producers to ever sprinkle... Jazz Dust. " - courtesy of Funky DL's Bandcamp 

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