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K-Supreme - Demo Tape - 1993

Let's talk about K-Supreme and his demo tape uploaded on youtube by Sneak Tipp a long time ago... K-Supreme was an MC from New Jersey and he recorded these demos around 1993. All the tracks are produced by Soo and everything is good from the beginning to the end...This is the kind of demos we'd like to see coming out on vinyl nowadays !

K-Supreme, could you tell me where you lived in the mid 90s ?

K-Supreme : "I lived in Newark, NJ and in Irvington, NJ. Back then it was very competitive, as a rapper you had to battle to be considered a true MC."

How and when did you fall into hip-hop ?

K-Supreme : "I was living in Jersey City and I use to beat box for the rappers battling... after a while I wanted to rap, so I started writing and one day in school (Snyder High in Jersey city) 1985,  I had my first battle and I won... so I started writing more... then in 1986 we moved back to Newark, NJ.  When I came back to Newark, I'm walking up the block and somebody called my name and I turned around it was my dude I knew (DJ Greg G) and he asked me if I was back in Newark to stay and he said he had a rap group he wanted to put me in....so I went to his house and we formed a group but it didn't last long, but the other 2 members left...so now it was just me and Greg G the DJ... from their we started doing shows at our high school (Shabazz) then we also did shows in New York, and all over New Jersey. In 1988 we ran into Lakim Shabazz (from the Flavor unit), I gave him one of my tapes and asked him if he could give it to the 45King... that next day the 45King called me and wanted to meet me... so he starts giving me his address, at this time I'm thinking he lives in New York...as he gives me his address he says "Stuyvesant Avenue"... I knew some streets in New York have the same name as some Jersey streets. So I asked him "Stuyvesant in Jersey ?" He said "yea" and I said "I'm right around the corner", he immediately said "come over", so I went around the corner and we chopped it up for a few minutes and at that time I met Apache (rip), he was my dude and was like a mentor to me, him and his brother Latee, they would tell me what to look out for in the business etc... some time went by and 45king did an album and put me on it...we shot a video for it... and once it got played on video music box... people showed love when I went to clubs in N.Y. "

What was the name of this track with 45King ?

K-Supreme : "I have no clue...because he would call me and ask me to come over (at this time he lived in N.Y ) and he would play a track and ask me to put a verse on it...I did about 10 tracks like that...the one day out of the blue he calls me and says come to my house tomorrow early in the morning, now at this time I knew they filmed videos early in the morning... so I'm thinking I'll just be in the video but when I got their I found out on the spot I'm on the record... I never new the name of the song because again he would call me to come over and just ask me to lay a verse on this, not knowing what it's going to be used for. When he called me later to come to his house I didn't even know he was doing a video for one of the songs...it might have been called "The New Batch" because it was a group of MCs and we were supposed to be a group like the Flavor Unit. I know Warner Brothers scraped the album ...but before that happened video music box played the video a few times…"

Could you tell me how the connection happened with the producer Soo ?

K-Supreme : "I met Soo through a mutual friend, my dude B.Down and soon as I met Soo we clicked, and started recording songs...we even started a super group in 1990 the group was called Brick City. But I didn't stay long, I was out the 1st night after the meeting....to many people was focusing on the wrong things....we tried a second time that failed also...the 3rd time was the one...and this is before Wu Tang came out...we called the super group the Organization...The Org  (for short) incredible group of MCs (Soo, S.Coop, B.Down, Doc C   KDub (K-Supreme), Nauseous, Flam, Barry, Burn, Roc, Baseem Sadot, Code Red, Butch Cass). We just couldn't focus on the mission...then one day before leaving my house to get to Soo's studio I saw the Wu-Tang Clan on video music box...and it blew my mine...I was like "that's what we're trying to do", when I get to Soo's house everybody talking about the Wu....I salute them cause it's not easy to have that many MCs in a group....it's hard to just have 2 MCs in a group.  But Wu Tang story reminds me of ours...they had the focus we didn't....but Soo just like RZA was the glue."

K-Supreme (Right) & Soo (Left)

K-Supreme : "Also when our super group went their own way...me and Soo continued recording with each other. We worked on a few projects and did shows opening up for A.Z, KRS1, doing shows all over from Jersey to Phoenix, Az... N.Y etc..."

2 MCs features on the track "Show-N-Prove", Poetic & Slimmy, could you give me more info about them ?

K-Supreme : "My Dude Slimmy he also was apart of our group the Org... Poetic my dude he was doing his thing in N.J and we finally got together to do a track. It was so many dope MCs at that time and on my solo project I wanted to highlight not just MCs from our group...but also MCs who I felt were dope and should have light shine on 'em."

In 1994 you released the EP "Doe Or Die" on R.B.I. Records Inc. How did the connection happen with them ?

K-Supreme : "My manager at the time had the connect with them... It really wasn't a label, he just had the records pressed up with R.B.I Records.

Why didn't you release the demos at that time ?

K-Supreme : "In those days the thinking was different...you start thinking the track is old and it ran its course....but if I had all of my recordings today I would definitely put them out... "

Mad Props to K-Supreme, thanks for your time !

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  1. Mad dope. First i found it curious that it sounded more like 94 then 93, but then i realised quite a lot official releases of 94 were probably recorded in 93... :)