Tuesday, October 22, 2019

VA - We Got Alot - 1993

LP - 1993 - CM Records  

Back in your ears with some more stuff from '93... this comp came out on CM Records, a record label from Brooklyn. The album features artists from the 5 Star Crew, consisted of Wild Sniper, K-Suite, Mighty Oxx, Flipster and a duo of female emcees named X-Cess. 

Wild Sniper was the lead artist of CM Records, he was the first member of the crew to drop his debut single "Catching Wreck" on vinyl in 1993. He will be followed in 1995 by two sisters hailing from Queens, NY named Valansha & Zeedy aka X-Cess, with their first official 12" titled "Searching For A Lover". 

This album is composed of 11 tracks :
  • "Catch A Wreck" featuring Mighty Oxx and "Addicted to a Dollar" are performed by Wild Sniper and are both produced by Fred Brown & David Downie. 

  • "Looking For Busta" produced by K. Furs aka K-Suite, "Tell Me How You Feel" produced by David Downie & Curtis Wade and "Party Jumpin" featuring Mighty Oxx and produced by David Downie, are all performed by X-Cess. 

  • "Watch Me Shine" produced by Herman Carter & David Downie and "Give It Up to Me" produced by David Downie & Curtis Wade, are both performed by Mighty Oxx. 

  • "Guard Your Style" produced by David Downie and "Styles That I Swing" produced by K.Furs are both performed by Flipster. 
  • "Wind Me Up" produced and performed by K-Suite.
  • "Yo! We Got Alot" which is the last track of the album is produced by J. "Supreme" Benjamin, David Downie and Fred Brown and is performed by the whole 5 Star Crew. 

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