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What was a Rumpletilskin ?

Rumpletilskinz was a group from Roosevelt and Uniondale, Long Island, NY. The crew was composed of four members named Capitol L.S , Sha*Now the Remedy Man, Jeranimo and RPM. They founded the group in the early 90s. 
A long time ago I had a talk with Capitol L.S but I totally forgot to blog something about the story of the group... better late than never !  

Capitol L.S : "Jeranimo used to dance for Leaders Of The New School and wanted to start his own group. Jeranimo and Shanow knew each other and started the Rumps. I was introduced to leaders by Shamello who worked with Public Enemy. When Jeronimo, Shanow and I met we hit it off and they pulled me in. We were looking for a dj and somehow RPM was introduced to us."

The group was affiliated to the Leaders Of The New School and was part of The New School Society, a family of recording artists which is composed of L.O.N.S, Krackerjaxx, Trom Sect, Kallieweed, E.Romero and Rampage.
 In 1991, although their names were uncredited they made their first appearance on L.O.N.S 's song "Sound Of The Zeekers @#^**?!" produced by Busta Rhymes.

12"- 1991 - Elektra   

1993 was the ultimate year for the group, they released their debut single "Attitudes" followed by the single "Is It Alright?", both released on RCA and produced by RPM. Their debut album "What is a Rumpletilskin ?" came out shortly after that... 

LP - 1993 - RCA

From The Source - September 1993 - Scan courtesy of Frederic Thecle 

Scan courtesy of Mark Bray 

From The Source - October 1993 - Original Scan by Frederic Thecle  

"This group’s attitude was fucked up and real shitty before Houdini P said so. Maybe one of the weirdest groups to ever surface in hip-hop for one album, Rumpletilskinz are an anomaly on rap’s timeline. They were angry yet eccentric, knowledgeable yet fun. They had a special gift of balancing jewels with grooves, but with little promotion, the label basically relegated the group to no-name status, besides a feature on “Sound of the Zeekers” from LONS’ A Future Without A Past. Little known producer R.P.M. serviced all but three beats on the album, making for a cohesive boom bap aesthetic that was recorded and mixed in the legendary Chung King Studios in New York City. And then they disappeared." -

The album failed to make it to the charts... After the album's failure the group was dropped from the label and disbanded shortly afterwards...

Capitol L.S : "When Leaders broke up the cancer spread throughout our whole camp. RPM was a major reason the Rumps broke up. We were supposed to record a 2nd album but chose not to. I found out just recently that RCA offered me and Shanow solo albums.
I decided to find out where our royalities were because I never received any money. I sought out to reconnect with the guys including our ex manager Donald Francois and he told me about RCA offering me and Sha a solo deal. 
Me, Jeronimo and Sha are still cool but we don't rock with RPM because of a stunt he pulled when we tried to get our money from RCA. He is still the same cancer from years ago. We were trying to pull the New School Society back together. Its still in the works. We planned on doing music and putting out new artist."

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