Monday, October 21, 2019

Complete Unit - What It Mean / The Game - 1997

12" - 1997 - Nine Yards Entertainment  

Complete Unit was a group from Syracuse, NY consisted of Erick Godley aka Stages, Khalid Bey aka The Most Talented and Brian Huggins aka B. 
Khalid and Erick are brothers and they grew up with Brian in the same neighborhood. They also stayed in Newark, NJ.  They released their first and only 12" titled "What It Mean / The Game" in 1997 on Nine Yards Entertainment, a record label managed by Lisa Morgan and Duke Sanders.
Both tracks of the wax were produced by Eddie James Dowdell who was from the same town and also known for his productions for Mad Pack, AK Skills or Street Smartz.

A full album was recorded after that 12" but they never dropped it ... 

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  1. "what it mean" beat is dope, lyrics are mediocre - unfortunately, that was the signature disease of most random rap releases...