Saturday, February 10, 2018

Tape : Kick A Dope Verse! - The Abstract Era - 2018

Tape - 2018 - Kick A Dope Verse! 

Kick A Dope Verse! presents a new instrumental project composed of 21 tracks produced by Beatmakers like Otmf, Ruckus, 8cee, Jazzcat90s, Funki Flavour, Seize, Fermented Juice, Jodu, Kd, Low Class and more ...

"We once again brought you a dose of classical sound. moving away from the soft and relaxing jazz hop music, we will move to the dirty and audacious boom bap beats of the golden era 90's, which will make you continually shake your head throughout the tape. feel the atmosphere of the same underground hip hop that was made in those days when the tapes were the main bearer of this music and passed from hand to hand. we will pay tribute to that time and once again enjoy that sound." - Kick A Dope Verse!

80 copies only ...
Shipping Date :  March 7th 2018

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