Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Da Lowly Ones :

George Samuels and Lateef Ellison, known as Jungle G and Tyrent are striving to reach the top and to be the best at the music they provide for the people. Da Lowly Ones have been together since 1990. George "Jungle G" Samuels a.k.a "Jungle George Da Big Shot" from Mount Vernon decided to take Hip-Hop to another level, to show and prove that family is the most important thing. So, he reached out to his younger cousin Lateef "Tyrent" Ellison a.k.a "Tyrent the Environment Dweller" from the Bronx and they became Da Lowly Ones. Scott  "DJ Dubb" Shirley a.k.a "DJ Dubb Da Wax Shredda" is one of the biggest supports of Da Lowly Ones ever since he was in High School with Lateef. 

DJ Dubb : "I went to Salesian High School with Lateef in 91/92. He heard I was a DJ and had millions of records. He came through one day to spit some bars and he introduced me to Jungle G."
DJ Dubb is known for his work with artists like Pudgee Da Phat Bastard, Hi-Tech, Shazaam X and more ... He was also a member of the Bronx based group P.F.K (Playing For Keeps) who featured on Hi-Tech's "4 Degrees for the Streets".

They decided that it would benefit them both if they were to combine talents and include DJ Dubb into the family so they can grow and learn as a family. Each day, Da Lowly Ones thought about how to market themselves in order to succeed in the industry. In 1994, Jungle G and DJ Dubb graduated High School. In 1996 , Jungle G started LCRE Entertainment (LoLive Connection Related Entertainment) so they can provide a home not only for Da Lowly Ones, but also for all the other artists in affiliation with LCRE. DJ Dubb was attending the Institute of Audio Research. In 1996, Tyrent graduated high school, and was on his way to be a Marketing major at Berkeley College. 

Da Lowly Ones have made giant strides since they have dedicated themselves to the love of music. The first plan was to release a single under the name of LCRE, so they can show the major corporations that they have accomplished more than just a demo tape. They created, marketed, advertised and sold a product with a very small budget and very little guidance. The single was entitled "Da Lowly Ones introducing Jungle G". On this single, they released two songs "All Night" and "Gold Rushers". 

12" - 1997 - LCRE Records 

The tape and the vinyl came out in 1997. "Gold Rushers" was produced by Jungle G and "All Night" was produced by Dave Tillman. Dave Tillman was a member of a group called Wild Bunch with other members like IBorn, Stone Rivers and Kid J. He also worked on productions for Herb McGruff and Teflon. 

Dave Tillman : "I"m friends with Jungle G's cousin. Me and G's cousin were already doing music. So I was doing his little cousin a favor. I respected his grind trying to get in the music business so I helped him out."

Without major distribution Da Lowly Ones walked the streets of NYC in all five boroughs searching for stores to sell their music.They were able to have their music sold in stores like The Music Factory and Harlem Music Hut. 

In 1998 came out a very limited edition EP released on tape only, called "Process Of Elimination". 10 tracks with productions done by DJ Dubb, Dave Tillman, N.O.T productions (No Ordinary Tactics) and Nick Wiz. 

It was their last release, the group splitted after that...
Jungle G : "I'll take the blame for that. I stopped rapping and started focusing on investments and I kinda let the crew down. Tyrent did quite a few mixtapes. I did and album I never released and we have dozens of songs we're remastering and preparing to release in the near future..."

Massive props to Dj Dubb, Jungle G , Tyrent and Dave Tillman. 

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