Sunday, February 4, 2018

K-Mack - Unlimited CD - 2018

CD - 2018 - Street Tactics Music 

Dj Concrete presents the re-issue of the first album of the Annexx Clique member K-Mack recorded in 1996. The album is composed of 13 tracks and was originally released on tape. It is now available on CD (not CD-r) and digital format with the help of Dj Concrete and Street Tactics Music. 

Photo courtesy of Kevin KnokVille

"This is a re-issue of K Mack of Baltimore's own The Concrete Foundation / The Annexx Clique's first ever album and it will take you through the thoughts of K Mack from Edmondson Village and the Streets Of Baltimore and the dope groups that were around then. All Tracks Produced By DJ Concrete. " - Street Tactics

200 Copies available ... Don't sleep !

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For those who don't know K-Mack or the legendary Annexx Clique yet, here is a short biography :

"Kevin “K Mack” Mack was born in Baltimore, Maryland on July 23, 1973. Attending Baltimore public schools is where he began his love for music, entering school and local talent shows to get exposure in the community. In 1992 K-Mack dropped his first demo tape with 2 other childhood friends to make up the group Force of Terror. Then in 1994 he started another rap group with 3 other friends called “Dome Swella’z” that were well known in the local rap ciphers around the city.
In late 1994, the group decided to go separate ways. K-Mack went solo for 4 months working with local producer Jay Funk on a 6 song demo, which landed a deal with a local independent label ran by Baltimore’s’ own DJ Concrete called the “Concrete & Wiz Foundation”. 

The Concrete foundation signed another solo artist by the name of Silouette, which would soon be the other half of the duo Annexx Clique. The Annexx Clique began doing intros for DJ Concrete mixtapes in 1994 to start the buzz in the streets, which was the marketing plan of the label to see the response of the public. After their debut and introduction, the streets were on fire. There wasn’t a car that rode in the streets of Baltimore that wasn’t banging a Concrete tape, which featured the Annexx Clique.
From all the love that was shown in the streets, in 1995 the Annexx Clique was ready to release their first finished project, a compilation album that featured collaborations of the group and solo tracks of K-Mack and Silouette. 

Photo courtesy of Kevin KnokVille

The classic compilation was titled “Concrete Foundation Presents Annexx Clique”. Which the streets later nicknamed the release “The Blue tape”. With street anthums from K-Mack, “In Baltimore”, “Bring it On”, and “Do or Die”, still to this day have left a major impact on the hip-hop community and around the world. Also hits from Silouette, “Can U Feel It”, Blessin Me” and “Fast lane”. Annexx Clique was certified Pioneers way before their time. Going on to sell 7,000 copies locally."  - Biography courtesy of  Elias_Nonsense 

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