Saturday, February 17, 2018

Eyesoulated Mindz - We Got You - 2000

I was tired of not having info about that track dropped by the group Eyesoulated Mindz, so I've decided to contact MushMouf to get some ...  Eyesoulated Mindz was a group from Hawaii composed of four members : MushMouf, Slo Mo, Jik & Teo. 
All the members were from Waianae, Hawaii except Jik who was originally from Jacksonville, Florida. The group started in 2000 and  the track "We Got You" produced by Illmind was recorded at that time. 

MushMouf : "It was actually one of the first beats Illmind ever sent to us. We recorded this in Jiks parents house when we were like 17-18 years old. There’s no physical copy, it was just something we did for fun at the time. There’s probably about 100 songs that we never released from that time...  
Later, the group stopped because we just all grew up and had kids, other engagements… basically life !! But we’re all still close and keep in contact. Rap was more of a brotherhood for us than just music.

Props to Ryan Jeter aka MushMouf 

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