Thursday, February 22, 2018

Nick Wiz - Cellar Instrumentals vol. 2 (2CD) - 2018

2xCD - 2018 - GRR

 Another 40 amazing instrumentals from the extremely talented and prolific Nick Wiz. This 2CD released on Gentleman 's Relief Records includes instrumental versions of classic tracks by Cella Dwellas, Ran Reed, Pudgee, Darc Mind, Mad Skillz, HDM and more PLUS a grip of dope 90s beats which were never used.

Great Paper Chase
Get Down
Good Dwellas
Untitled 1
The Professional
Bobby Boom Bap
Untold Scrolls
Guitar Train
Downright Dirty
Dizzy Brass
Ran's Verse
Everyday Routine
Strum and Drum
The Nod Factor (Remix)
You're A Winner
Horn Melody
La La La
Get Back
Untitled 2

My Skills
Ran Reed Representing
Little Menace
Don't Fuck With The I
The Mind
Ready For War
Bright Lights
Real MCs
Outside Looking In
Inner City Blues
Smooth With Mine
Ghetto Biz
Good Dwellas (Remix)
Strumming Strings
The Final Chapter
Tip Of The Tongue
King Of NY

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