Monday, February 26, 2018

Interview : The House List - Episode #74 : Dooley-O

"In this episode we go deep into the life and career of New Haven's native son Dooley-O. In this fun, frenetic convo we pry Dooley for as much back-story on his arch in the industry as possible. EPMD, Paul C, Stezo, Chris Lowe, Stones Throw, Egon and of course .. Skull Snaps are all covered. But there is much much more at play here. I think any artist, hip-hop or not can relate to this account of pursuing a record deal with a trusted label/brand and ultimately getting the run around, time and time again. Working with a cast of characters as wide as the stage at Toad's Place. It's a story of 1990's hip-hop, the early days of discovered breakbeats and samples in neighbors basements. Alladat. Enjoy and do not forget to subscribe! The last song is an exclusive" - Courtesy of Peter Agoston 

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