Friday, September 1, 2023

Vital Signs AKA NU Gen - 90's Unreleased 2xLP - 2023

2xLP - 2023 - Back2DaSource

Vital Signs is a Baltimore based group comprised of 3 members, Roland Taylor AKA Redstorm/MC Connoisseur & George Slade AKA MC Law/Lynx, one DJ/Producer, Brandon Ware AKA DJ B-Ware/Arkitek.

In 1992 they release their first 12" which is now became a very hard to find record. Few years later the group splits and Mc Connoisseur and MC Lynx decide to join forces with Juahar (Scientific Labs Studios) in order to bring back the heat. Called NuGen the new group recorded a lot of unreleased materials in the mid and late 90's.

This project here consists of 7 Vital Signs 90's unreleased tracks + 12" (1992) tracks included and 7 NuGen 90's unreleased songs, very DOPE material. If you missed MC Connoisseur's interview, you can check it Here 

Pre-Orders : Bundle / 2xLP (300 copies) / CD (300 copies)

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