Friday, September 15, 2023

CM Famalam w/DJ Cucumber Slice & Stak Chedda - April 15th 1999 - WKCR

Episode of the CM Famalam Radio Show from April, 15 1999 with Bobbito a.k.a DJ Cucumber Slice & Lord Sear a.k.a Stak Chedda. 

Non Phixion - WKCR Promo

Da Grassroots feat Arcee - Thematics

Da Grassroots - Price Of Livin’

Talk Break

Company Flow - Patriotism

Nas - NY State of Mind Part II

Mr Lif - Arise

Dr Dooom - You Live at Home with your Mom

Mobb Deep feat Raekwon & Nas - Eye For a Eye (Your Beef is Mines)

Ang13 - Comin' Through Alert

K-Skills & Dr. Becket - Hittin' Hardest

Ugly Duckling - We’re Here 

Krondon - Black Gold

Infinite Loop - Chocke Up

The Arsonists - Pyromaniax

Main Source  - Just Hangin’ Out Remix

J-Zone - Catch 22

Talk Break

Dynasty & Lord Sear - Freestyle

Talk Break

Dynasty - Gotta Love It

Company Flow - Linda Tripp

MF Grimm - Landslide Remix

GZA - Publicity

Consequence feat Shabaam Sahdeeq & Mike Zoot - Nobody

Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse

Slick Rick - It’s a Boy

Crooklyn Dodgers 95 - Return of The Crooklyn

The Roots - The Next Movement 

Gang Starr - Full Clip

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