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The Last Deadly Sins - The Blow Out - 1996

12" - 1996 - Afro Pick Records, Inc 

Here is the first and only 12" released by the group called the Last Deadly Sins. The group members were Be Divine, Ez Dee, Jay (Mr. 1 Thou), Lord Erex, Saw-Doff (the female of the crew), Dé La, Prince K, and MD (Devine Mayhem). They were all originally from Paterson, NJ except Saw-Doff who was from Jersey City, NJ and Lord Erex who was from Hillside, NJ.

This wax, which is really hard to find nowadays, came out in 1996 on Afro Pick Records, Inc, a record label founded and managed by Andre "Be Divine" Perry. 
In a recent interview I did with Be Divine, he declared that they were independent, so he did a little bit of everything that was necessary. He had a team that consisted of artists and they all did what they could to get the record label off the ground. They incorporated the label in '96 in order to press up their first project. About the first connection between all the members of the crew, they were actually together since High School... so that's back in 86/87. 

The 12" contains the tracks "The Blow Out" which is the lead single produced by Be Divine, "Time To Get Money" produced by Be Divine and "Buss Me Nine" produced by S.M Tab a.k.a ScratchMaster Tab. 

About ScratchMaster Tab from Paterson, NJ, he was introduced to Be Divine with the help of the group member Ez Dee. Actually Tab worked with an emcee named Superior Jay at that time and Superior Jay was Ez Dee's brother. That's how the connection happened.

Well... another rare 90's indie 12" for your record collection, don't hesitate to grab it if you find one for sale !

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