Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Radio Show : New York Live - September, ?? 1996 - WNYU


Here is a New York Live Show (Mr. Mayhem, Sunset & DJ Riz) from September 1996 uploaded on Mixcloud by Dailey Maddawg 76. The guests in the studio that night were Gauge the Mental Murderah, Adagio! (Rayme Supreme & Big Cousin) & Wisdom. 

Keith Murray feat Redman & Busta Rhymes - Yeah

Wisdom feat Juggaknots & Adagio - All Star Jam

Finsta Bundy - Feel The High Pt 2 Instrumental

Talk Break

Gauge the Mental Murderah - Interview & Freestyle 

Ghostface Killah feat Raekwon & Cappadonna - Camay

O.G.C - No Fear

Mobb Deep - Hell on Earth (Front Lines)

Xzibit feat Mobb Deep - Eyes May Shine Remix

Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin' Yaself

Grav - C'mon

Keith Murray - The Rhyme

Big Noyd feat Prodigy - Usual Suspect (Stretch Armstrong Remix)

Sadat X feat. Grand Puba & Lord Jamar - The Lump Lump

Talk Break

Adagio! & Wisdom - Interview & Freestyle

Talk Break

Raidermen - Something That I Heard About

Raidermen - Devils Play Ground

Money Boss Players - Walk with the Limp

John Forte - Born to Win 

Non Phixion feat DV Alias Khryst - 5 Boros

Talk Break


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