Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Boogie & the Barber w/Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito - June 22nd 1997 - WQHT


Here is a short part (around 80 min with a bad sound quality) of Boogie & the Barber Show aired on June 22nd 1997 on WQHT with Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito. This part includes Chubb Rock's interview & freestyle, and Crazy Legs's interviewThe show was uploaded by Scacha a.k.a Robert Sacchinelli (RIP).


Krunbsnatcha - Closer To God 

Group Home - Express

HDM - Real MCs

Adagio! - Obvious Pt II

E. Bros - A Toast

Godfather Don - Piece Of Action 

Talk Break

Chubb Rock - ’97 Stretch & Bobbito Interview & Freestyle

Common - 1’2 Many…

Mike Zoot feat Mos Def - High Drama

Hillfiguz - Too Many Suckas

D.I.T.C. - All Love

Cage - Agent Orange

Rugged Brood - Dwellin In Darkness

Talk Break

Mass Influence - Under Pressure

EZD - Gunzis4 Feat Billy Danz & Teflon

The Lady Of Rage - Necessary Roughness

Mos Def - Universal Magnetic

Raidermen - Magnetic instrumental

Talk Break with Crazy Legs

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  1. I've realized that the AdGuard AdBlocker extension, in Chrome, was not displaying the embedded player. Thanks for the mixes :)