Monday, September 4, 2023

MC Craz & DJ K-Wiz - Ready To Attack: The 1992 Demos EP

Chopped Herring Records are back with a 6-Track demo tape originally recorded in 1992 by MC Craz & DJ K-Wiz from the BX : 

"1992 demos from MC Craz [pronounced Craze] and DJ K-Wiz pka Grand Creator K-Wiz. Heads will know K-Wiz from his 1988 album on B-Boy Records with Sparky D. Here we have 6 joints from their demo tape which they were pushing at labels back in 1992. The stuff has the feel of material from like 89-90 with nuff 808 bass sounds and familiar UBB samples. Everything is uptempo and bangs hard. Old school heads will no doubt approve!!! " - courtesy of Chopped Herring Records 

Pre-Orders : Black Wax (300 copies with regular Herring sticker cover) /  White label (50 copies with the Season Only Jackets).

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