Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Dirty Hairy - Pegs - 2023


LP - 2023 - Village Live Records  

This release hails from the talented DJ, producer and multi-instrumentalist known as "Mr Dirty Hairy." Notably, he is not only co-running the label now but has also assembled his long-awaited debut solo LP, titled "Pegs." Despite having previously released various records as part of the duo "Anteek Recipes" and several other 7″ productions, it seems that Dirty Hairy has finally been convinced to unveil a project that highlights his solo creations.

As a result, "Pegs" offers nine seamlessly soulful tracks that blend dark hip-hop instrumental grooves with his signature jazzy undertones. The themes explored in "Pegs" range from the chaotic pandemic times to personal anecdotes recounting recent tragic experiences. The album is deeply littered with profound messages, skilfully integrated samples, and heartfelt acknowledgments directed at friends, legends, and OG’s he encountered on his journey.

Available on limited edition Black vinyl (400 copies) and Red vinyl (100 copies).

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