Monday, July 4, 2016

Soundsci - Walk The Earth + Write On / Changing Of The Gods 7"

" Soundsci's third album 'Walk the Earth', as the title implies, hears the crew travelling over sampled musical terrain, proclaiming their agenda of "walking from place to place, meeting people, getting into adventures". The title reflects that Soundsci are from all over the globe, each member having different perspectives and skills, yet coming together with one mind to remind everyone why they love Hip Hop! The subject matter of the lyrics on this album ranges from current affairs to age old facts of the human condition. There is a keen focus on diversity in both tempo and mood, enough to keep even the most jaded 'head' engaged. In an age where the phrase 'in one ear, out the other' seems more pertinent than ever, Soundsci strive to take the listener on a journey. Sometimes the road is bumpy, be it the dense jungle of everyday living, or the broad vista's of the minds eye, there is always a strong grounded connection with the truth as the crew sees it. It is of great importance to all members of the crew to remain progressive both lyrically and musically, whilst retaining all that they have learned from their long path to reach this moment. Join this band of Ronin, and take in their song I promise it will refresh you. " Soundsci

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7" - 2016 - World Expo

"The A side hears emcee's Oxygen, UGeorge and Audessey rejoicing in expression "The struggle builds character when you weather the storm, so write on" The music, funky as ever pushes along with an anthemic horn line enhancing the emotion of the moving message.
The B side 'Changing of the Gods' debuted on Soundsci's newest member Supastition's LP The Gold Standard from 2015. Supastition's infectious energy hits you immediately with Ugeorge and Oxygen adding pure fire on this golden nugget. Dj Ollie Teeba adds the finishing touch with some precision cuts, letting you know that the crew are ready to show & prove at the drop of a dime…" Soundsci

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