Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Goldfinger Records

The first time I've heard about Goldfinger Records from Jamaica (Queens, NY) was when I listened to the excellent EP of 4 Deep , Soft Sucka Rap , released in 1992 . After that , I've discovered with the help of my Homie Hakan Dougpark,  there was a batch of Tapes released in 1994 on the same Label . No need to say that all this stuff is really hard to find ...

A1 - Intro
A2 - Who's That On The Track ?
A3 - 68 & I Owe-U-1
A4 - Blowin' Em Up
A5 - Skit
B1 - On The Track (Street Mix)
B2 - My Baby's Mother
B3 - Life Ain't Fair
B4 - No Gravity (Bonus Track)

A1 - Nuff Respect Due
A2 - Got It Goin On
A3 - Lady On The Outside
A4 - Skit
B1 - The Bible
B2 - Keepin It Clean
B3 - Fuck Everybody

A1 - Delight To Rock The Mike
A2 - Rock The Spot
A3 - Can U Feel It ?
B1 - Funky For Ya
B2 - Unite
B3 -  Wateva
B4 - Delight To Rock The Mike (Remix) (Uncredited Track)

A1 - The Beyond
A2 - On Another Level Mix
B1 - Blunt Music
B2 - Blunted Mix

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