Saturday, July 9, 2016

Boogie & The Barber - Hot 97 WQHT - Aug 10th 1997

Boogie & The Barber w/Bobbito & DJ Premier Hot 97 WQHT August 10, 1997

Lady of Rage - Some Shit 
Group Home feat Agallah - Run For Your Life 
Jed Dust - Strictly Kings & Better
Rezidue - Inner City Blues
Connecticut Kartel - All Out
D.I.T.C  - Da Enemy
Major Stress - Cook Dat (ID by Paul Haney)
Afu-Ra - Whirlwind Thru Cities
Mobb Deep - Reach
Talk Break
Eastern Conference ft. Baby Blak - Know A Little Nigga
Adagio - Everybody
De La Soul - Channel No Fever
Rakim - It’s Been a Long Time
Mama Mystique feat Nikki D  - Style's I Murder
O.C feat Bumpy Knuckles - Win The G
Brick City Kids - Brick City Kids
Gang Starr - You Know My Steez
Tragedy Khadafi - Calm Down
Major Stress - Sippin' Yo Mo (ID by Paul Haney)
D.I.T.C  - Internationally Known
Organized Konfusion - Numbers
Mos Def - Universal Magnetic
All City - Move On You
Talk break
Peanut Butter Wolf feat Encore - The Undercover
7L & Esoteric - Protocol
Talk Break

Props to Dj Eclipse  


  1. The track after "Calm Down" is Major Stress "Sippin' Yo Mo." Salaam Remi on the beat.

  2. Track after "Da Enemy" is also by Major Stress. It's called "Cook Dat." Never officially released (the album was only available as a rare promo).

  3. thanks for the IDs Paul , tracklist updated !!

  4. Happy New Year unikone :)

    The track after the final talk break sounds like Da Great Deity Dah, but I have been through his EP's and singles and it's not on any of those.