Thursday, July 21, 2016

Book : Hip-Hop Family Tree - Issue #12

Photo courtesy of Richard Smith

"SOS is proud to present a collaboration with Ed Piskor and Fantagraphics Books for Issue 12 of the internationally acclaimed Hip Hop Family Tree comic.
To celebrate the final monthly issue of HHFT we've teamed up with super DJ/Producer, Jorun Bombay, to drop an incredible flexi-postcard found in every copy! What better way to represent a comic than cutting "Hip Hop Family Tree Pt.1" into a record made from paper including FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD.
Issue 12 makes it's debut at Comic-Con International: San Diego this week where Ed Piskor is up for 3 Eisner Awards for Book 3, which is featured in this issue. There's too many incredible milestones in this issue to name! LL Cool J makes a record with Rick Rubin and Def Jam. KRS One gets arrested and meets his future DJ. The Fat Boys and Run DMC headline the first national Hip Hop tours. Just to name a few. PLUS: This issue comes with the exclusive Slice of Spice flexi disc of hip hop gold!" Slice of Spice 

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