Sunday, July 10, 2016

Square One - Walk Of Life (Vinyl Anniversary Re-Release) - 2016

2xLP  - 2016 - Showdown 

A1- They Say
A2 - Knowledge is Knowledge
A3 - From the Soul
A4 - Square Biz (feat. AG & Party Arty)
A5 - Applause
B1 - Nuttin' Changed
B2 - Countdown
B3 - One World (feat. Ali Vegas)
B4 - Dreams (feat. Izz)
C1 - Can't Mess
C2 - Unorthodox
C3 - Loose Cannons (feat. Providence & Yinka)
C4 - Paradise Lost
D1 - Cry (feat. Heidi Vogel)
D2 - Gangsta
D3 - Taste of Life
D4 - Fallen Angels (feat. Patrice)
D5 - Last Words

"German Hip Hop Classic from 2001 gets an exclusive, 
strictly limited re-release for its 15th anniversary. The critically acclaimed album was a huge success in Europe, the UK and Japan, where it got an exclusive release. For the first time there will be a gatefold 2 x LP, including all the songs from the original CD version 
(the 2001 release was missing the tracks “Applause” - which even got a music video - and “Taste of Life”) plus an inlay holding all liner notes and lyrics"  - hhv

Pre-Order your Copy Now :

Available July 29th 2016.

R.I.P Ali Rasul 

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