Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Science Of Sound ‎- Kaleidoscope Phonetics - 1995

LP - 1995 - White Label  (Photo courtesy of Kai Karlongo)

  If there is a very rare album that we all need in our collection, it is this one ... "Kaleidoscope Phonetics" released in 1995 by the Bedstuy-based group Science Of Sound a.k.a S.O.S.

The group consisted of Tike-O, Peter Chan and DJ Beetle. They all grew up in the same neighborhood, Tike-O and Chan in the same projects and Beetle lived around the corner, that's how they met.

In terms of Production, the tracks were produced by Ali and Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest, Godfather Don, Prestige from Bad Boys Hitmen and DJ Beetle.


It was only released on a white label... an official release never saw the light of day unfortunately...

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  1. Do you have production credits for all the songs?