Tuesday, September 15, 2020

K-DEF Presents BEATS FROM THE 90's VOL. 3 LP - 2020

"Volume 3 beats are from the Golden Age of Hip Hop from 1993 to 1996. Some Of these tracks have never been heard before. While some of these tracks are very familiar records that had no instrumental to them. A lot of these tracks were kept Buried within K-DEF's original MPC60 and 3000 disks. Some of the beats were damaged and would never load into the machines. Like Vol. 1 and 2, these beats were created in the 1990's and not created today. Preserving the old sound of the machines in its entirety. We hope you enjoy this rare collection of lost beats from the 90's Manufactured and Distributed exclusively by Red Line Music Distribution, inc" - Courtesy of Redline Music Distribution

Available on Traditional Black Vinyl (500 copies) and on Cassette (100 copies (50 Solid Gray / 50 Solid Cobalt Blue colored)). 

Shipping Date : October 23rd 2020

Pre-Order : Vinyl / K7 

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