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Lyrically Distorted ‎- Flavor 4 The Wize - 1992

12" - 1992 - Urban Percussion 

Lyrical Distorted was a group from Charleston, South Carolina, who released in 1992 the excellent "Flavor 4 The Wize" on Urban Percussion Records. The group consisted of Eron aka I-God Eron from Charleston, who is the brother of Da Phlayva's member Herm-Yes, DJ Bashir from Petersburg,VA and Jamal from Long Island. 

Eron : "We met in College at Norfolk State in Virginia. DJ Bashir and I were Psychology Majors. The Group was formed in 92 that summer. Jamal managed a Club in VA Beach,VA called the "The Bridge". He heard about me on Campus when we had Ciphers and performing in Talent Show around Campus and Norfolk,Va.
The Name Lyrically Distorted came from my writing style and how I wrote bars (Lyrics) on paper... Even now, when I write lyrics on Paper, the word are all over the place on paper...Lol... Dyslexic I guess."

The wax consists of 4 tracks, "Distortion" and "I know You Wanna (Hit It)" on the A-Side called the Sexual side, "Flavor 4 The Wize" and "The Meaning Of The Name" on the B-side called the intellectual side. All the tracks were fully produced by James Wizard aka Wizard for Genius Productions.

Eron : "I met DJ Wiz in 86- 87, he was the first Producer I worked with and learned so much from as an Artist. Dj Wiz was always legendary in our city and produced music for only certain people he felt was Dope !! He taught me how to conduct myself in the recording booth and even work equipment. He also produced for Da Phlayva who was the first Hip-Hop group with a major deal in South Carolina !!  Myself and Wiz managed Urban Percussion."

(photos courtesy of Umberto Massimiliano Lampasona)

500 copies were pressed, and it's very rare to see a copy for sale online nowadays, so don't hesitate to catch it if you find one. Unfortunately It was their first and last release... 

Eron : "The Lyrically Distorted project didn't get off the ground due to creative and finance issues. I auditioned for Teddy Riley and Wrecks and Effect in the Summer of 93 when Jamal managed an Artist recording at Future Studios. It never worked out... but I still recorded with DJ Wiz and Da Phlayva..."

Mad Props to Eron, thanks for your time. 

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