Thursday, September 3, 2020

Russ Prez - Producer Project Vol 2 EP - 2020

EP - 2020 - Chopped Herring Records  

"Following the first volume from earlier this year, Russ dug deeper into his archives and found DATs of these unreleased bangers. I know cats loved the KGB joints last time so here are 2 more unreleased jawns including the incredible original version of ‘Journey Through Hell’ from 1993 and ‘Boom Bang’ from 1996. Also included in this volume are 2 unreleased tracks from Madame Star which would’ve been on the Cold Chillin album had she not been dropped after 2 singles. Both SICK!! We also have for your listening pleasure 2 more joints from Coney Island MC Lac The Rippa and one unheard and unleaked track from Now Born Click’s Born-God." - courtesy of Bob Lipitch (Chopped Herring Records) 

350 copies (First 120 copies on Clear Orange Vinyl & 230 copies on Traditional black Wax). 


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