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Mo' Budded Phat Jointz - 1995

EP - 1995 - Mo' Budded Ent.

Here is an EP which was released in 1995 on Mo' Budded Entertainment. The wax is composed of 8 tracks fully produced by Phat Ro and featuring groups or artists from Riverside, California like Izm Da Mad Soul, M.O.L.D a.k.a Master O.L.D, Da Gas Chamber (M.O.L.D & Big Cee), Shane Hunter or Da Unsung Poets (G Spot & Bo G).




Phat Ro : "My parents took over a lease at a club in Riverside California 70 miles east of Los Angeles. They kept most of the employees and security. Izm, Gas chamber and Da Unsung were friends of a bouncer. They would always show up at the club before opening and hang out. We became friends and they needed beats and financial help to make demos. I bought an Mpc 60II and started making beats. I had done drum machine programming for my electro B Boy crew in the 80s . I had an idea of how to produce from the 80s stuff I was part of. Took a year to learn Mpc and have enough beats good enough to make the first demo which eventually became the Mo' Budded Phat Joints."

Mo' Budded Entertainment was a Record label managed by Phat Ro and his brother. They only pressed 500 copies of this EP. But unfortunately Izm was locked up when the records were out and it’s one of the reasons it couldn’t get promoted.

Phat Ro : "When I put out the Mo' Budded Phat Jointz vinyl in '95, I didn’t get any love from the distributors. Took all the records to stores myself. Tony Stewart of Beat Non Stop gave me love and sold about 25 records ... Fatbeats took them under consignment but never put them out . Had guys go to store and check and never did it get put on shelves. When I went a couple weeks later they gave me back the records and said none sold . I guess I wasn’t there sound or maybe because we were not LA or New York . So I took a trip to Daly City near San Francisco to Cues Hip Hop Shop . Quest and Cue were cool and put it on loud speaker. People were asking what it was and they couldn’t yet sell it because they didn't pick any up yet. They took 25 records and got them to the right people. 2 weeks later they asked for all the 450 records I had left and distributed it all over the world. Cues Hip Hop Shop later asked me for an Izm track that they put out on a comp that featured Bay Area artist. After that, I saw Izm briefly in 2006 when he recorded tracks on my album under the name of Da Ill Lyfe then I lost contact."

Mad Props to Phat Ro aka FreshRo Chavez  

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