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Adagio! : A Definition Of Ambition Goals Interest and Organization

Carta' P and Parental are back with their last single titled "Misunderstood", off of their brand new "A Beautiful Mess" album, released on Akromégalie Records / HHV Records. 

Still available for Pre-Order  
Shipping date : September 20th 2019

It was the good opportunity to talk with Carta' P and asked him a few questions about his famous indie group named Adagio!

For those who aren't familiar with this group, Adagio! was a hip-hop duo formed in the early 90s by Raymond Fogle a.k.a Rayme Supreme and Brian Pritchett a.k.a Carta' P who was known at the time under the name of Big Cousin a.k.a The Obvious Wonder. 

I'm a huge fan of this duo, and I remember the day when I bought the New York to Philly EP by pure coincidence in a record store in Paris. These artists were totally unknown to me in '97 and this indie record was a real stunning surprise !

Carta P' : "I’m from Mount Vernon, NY. The same town that Pete Rock, CL Smooth, Heavy D are from... Just to name a few. Rayme Supreme is from West Philadelphia, PA.
Rayme and I met at Adelphi University; Long Island, NY in 1992. We lived on the same floor as each other, and Breeze Brewin of the Juggaknots was my roommate.
Ray and I started recording together in 1993-1994. We always studied and watch the Juggaknots during their recording process of Clear Blue Skies. We used all of what we learned to help launch our first single “ The Obvious Joint”...We eventually recorded close to 75 songs from 1994-2002..."

12" - 1996 - EMO Recordings  

 Their first 12" came out on EMO Recordings in 1996. "The Obvious Joint" is on the New York Side and "Ass Benefits" is on the Philly Side, both tracks produced by Big Cousin. 

Carta' P : "EMO is an acronym for my former girlfriend at the time. EMO stands for Every...Move...Organized. That was the name of the label that I started. I used that as motivation to always be organized with all of our music. The name ADAGIO! is also an acronym. It means A Definition Of Ambition Goals Interest and Organization."

 In the mid 90s Breeze Brewin’ introduced them to Bobbito and in July 25th 1996, the duo was invited by Stretch & Bobbito on WKCR for the promo of their 12". Here is the freestyle session: 


The same year, Big Cousin and Rayme Supreme also featured on Wisdom's debut single "All Star Jam" with Breeze Brewin' of the Juggaknots. Wisdom was from Connecticut and was also at Adelphi University (Long Island, NY), that's how the connection happened with him.

One year later, they dropped their excellent "New York To Philly" EP. This is a 6-track EP which was released on SOM Recordings / EMO Recordings. All the tracks were produced by Big Cousin a.k.a The Obvious Wonder. 

Carta' P : "SOM is a company that I was able to work / record with in the mid 90s (95-97). The owner... Tone was somebody I met at music function in NJ. We formed a great friendship and we started to work together. He was really big into House Music and he wanted to branch over and work with hip hop. SOM was based out of Patterson, NJ. We recorded the NY to Philly EP with SOM ( Sound Of Music). We recorded and mixed the EP during one weekend (Saturday and Sunday) in 1997.... Lol"

In December 4th 1997, the duo was again invited by Stretch & Bob for the promo of their wax. Here is the Interview & Freestyle :

The EP will be followed by 4 other 12-inches released between 1997 and 2002 : "The Break" and "Everybody" in 1997. The other tracks of both 12" titled "Obvious II" and "My Girl" were the sameIn 1998 came out the single "The Meaning" featuring Wisdom , with a remix of "Listening Pleasure" on the flip side, followed in 2002 by their last single "Poetry To Infinity / Who Is Adagio? ". 
They also featured on the track "Who Makes It Hot" from the Juggaknots "Re:Release" album which was released the same year.

12" - 1997 - EMO Recordings

12" - 1998 - SOM Recordings 

Their discography will be ended with the great "The Obvious Archives Pt.1" EP released by Heavy Jewelz Records around 2013-2014, which contains unreleased material that was recorded around the mid to late 90's. 

EP - 2013/2014 - Heavy Jewelz Records  


The productions have always been handled by The Obvious Wonder during all these years. In terms of productions, he dug in different music styles like Jazz and Soul Music, using samples from artists like The Crusaders, Leroy Hutson, Jack DeJohnette or the Weather Report, and also from Rock'n Roll music with artists like Jeff Beck or Steely Dan. And when I asked him what were his influences, he answered : 

Carta' P :" As a producer.... I looked up to Kev Fevr (Juggaknots), Pete Rock, Large Professor, Q- Tip, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Kay Gee (Naughty By Nature) and Tony Dofat."

Carta' P & Rayme Supreme - photo courtesy of Carta' P

Carta' P : "All of the Adagio! tracks that were not released are going to be on the NY to Philly (Re Release) that’s coming out on HHV Records in December 2019. There will be 8-10 unreleased Adagio! tracks as well as the original tracks from NY to Philly."

That's a good news... a brand new Adagio 's project will be on your shelf soon ... stay tuned Fellas !!!

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