Thursday, September 12, 2019

Kaotic Disciples - It'sAllKaotic v7.3 - 1998

12" - 1998 - Kaotic Disciples Of Tha Poet  

Hailing from the Bronx in 1998, the 3 members of Kaotic Disciples named Tha Dark Disciple aka BlakMaskingTape, Tha Soul Disciple (Tha J.O.B.) aka Jak O' Beats and Tha Raw Disciple aka Premise released their debut 12" titled "It'sAllKaotic v7.3", on their own indie record label Kaotic Disciples Of Tha Poet. 

Photo courtesy of Casandra Clark Smith

This wax is composed of 3 tracks titled "It'sAllKaotic v7.3", "Beats & Rhymes" and "The Collective", available in their Standard (Clean), Deluxe (Dirty) or Professional (Instrumental) editions, everything produced by Tha J.O.B and coproduced by BMT and Premise. 

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