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Global Platoon ‎- Crew Family / Keep Your Day Job - 1997

12" - 1997 - Launchpad Records

Global Platoon was a hip-hop group from Baltimore (for most of the members) comprised of DJ Rockit, DJ Cutt, DJ Handz, One Speaker Supreme, Rome, Fla Fla, Steve Colossal, Bosch, Ill Logic, M1 and M.I.

Photo courtesy of DJ Rockit

This wax is their debut 12" released on Launchpad Records in 1997, a record label mainly managed by Rockit and Tacuma. The 12" is composed of 2 tracks titled "Crew Family" produced by Rockit and "Keep Your Day Job" produced by DJ Cutt. 

M.I : "The concept of Global Platoon came because we wanted to give the crew a more definitive meaning. At the time we all read a lot and were big on government conspiracies and stuff like that so that is where the Global Platoon began.
Actually we are all from all over. Every member is not originally from Baltimore but as far as being in Bmore we all were from different sections of the city. We originally called ourselves COD (Circle Of Death) and that formed in 1995/96. 
How did everything start ? ... I would say everyone has a different story of how we started this but basically we all had a common friend, Dj Rockit and we all basically met or reconnected through him. We all basically knew each other from the hip hop community but when Rock built his studio we started recording together. First session was when we recorded “Keep Your Day Job”. That was supposed to be the flip side of our Constant Deviants “Catch a Speed Knot” single. The label at the time didn’t do that and we all kept recording together and not long after that Rock released it on Launchpad Records."

Photo courtesy of DJ Rockit

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