Monday, September 9, 2019

M.C. War Flattop & M.C. Trouble Dee - Untitled EP - 1995

EP - 1995 - Flattop Records 

Here is an other good indie wax released in 1995 on Flat Top Records. Most of the tracks of this EP are from M.C. War Flattop & M.C. Trouble Dee except the first track of the B-side which is from a group called Blunt Headz and produced by Mick 40. All the other productions of the record are handled by M.C. War Flattop and M.C. Trouble Dee.

MC War Flattop : "I was born and raised in the Bronx in 1967 on 1350 Shakespeare Ave. I had fallen into Hip-Hop in the 70's, while listening to the Sugar Hill Gang, Love Bug Starski, that didn't live too far from me in the Bronx. Sugar Hill Gang were living on Nelson Ave. I became an MC and a producer when I was in Junior High School in 1970, when I was doing my own Cable Show with Video City called "The All New MC War Flattop" on Harlem Cable TV.
I met MC Trouble Dee from The All Star Talent Show in Manhattan downtown. He came up to me and said : 'whassup Flattop, my name is MC Trouble Dee, I want to make a record with you. I heard that you be going to Jazzy Jay Recording Studio in Bronx and I can flow too. Plus I want to be on your Cable Show too'. So I told him : 'Alright let's do this!'. 

DJ 20/20 (of Mysterme & DJ 20/20) is my cousin. Me and him always hung out in the South Bronx. He had a group called the Blunt Headz from the South Bronx. So my cousin asked me to put them on my record label called Flattop Record which was managed by Me and my cousin Chuck from Florida. 5000 copies of this record were pressed in 1995."

Mad Props to MC War Flattop  

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