Monday, June 12, 2017

UNKUT Presents A Salute To EPMD Remixes and B-Sides

01. ‘Give The People’ [Erick & Parrish Remix]
02. ‘I’m Mad’ [Redman Mix]
03. ‘The Big Payback’ [Club Mix]
04. ‘Crossover’ [Trunk Mix]
05. ‘Rampage’ [Hardcore To The Head Mix]
06. ‘I’m Housin” [Remix]
07. ‘Get Off The Bandwagon’ [Remix]
08. ‘Brothers from Brentwood L.I.’
09. ‘Gold Digger’ [E&P’s Remix]
10. ‘So Watcha Sayin” [Club Mix]
11. ‘Head Banger’ [Remix]
12. ‘Strictly Business’ [Club Mix]
13. ‘Crossover’ [DJ Shok Remix] aka the ‘Pressing Remix’
14. ‘Never Seen Before’ [Remix]


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