Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Twisted Mind Kids

Twisted Mind Kids was a crew from Stockton CA, originally composed of Plado, A-Bizarre, DJ Rythm, Jp and T-Rome. In 1996 they released an LP on No Exit Records, 10 tracks fully produced by the Sacramento based producer Ainzboogie including 2 tracks co-produced by Plado who was the main frontman in the group. 

A-Bizarre left, Plado laying center, DJ Rythm above Plado, Jp right of Rythm and T-Rome. Photo courtesy of Plado

LP - 1996 - No Exit Records 

From Subculture Magazine - 1996 

This is the only physical release I know of the TMK. In 1997, Plado came back with a solo project, a tape "Try To Read My Mind" composed of 4 tracks produced by Dense The Kingpin & JP Nebres. The track "Nada" featuring the excellent Eclipse 427 is one of my favorite. It will be followed by his album "Classic" in 1998. 

Photo courtesy of Tsp Deejays

Massive Props to Plado and Ainzboogie 

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