Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Branded Black - Archeology EP - 1999

No doubt that Canadian scene during the 90s was full of very good crew and Branded Black from Pickering Ontario was one of them. Branded Black consisted of brothers Essen-G and K-Roc a.k.a K-Boogie. 
Not a lot of Info about this group exept that they released a 12"(Enta' Tha' Session / Check Tha' Mic) in 1996. An EP named 'Archeology' from 1999 exists but I'm not sure if a physical copy was released. A reissue is one of the best thing we could hope for all Hip-Hop collectors.

Archeology EP - 1999 :

01 - To The point
02 - What Say Me
03 - Creep
04 - Props
05 - Microphone Plunderer
06 - The High
07 - The Profile Of A User
08 - Zones (3:47 AM)

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