Sunday, June 25, 2017

Constructive R.U.K.U.S (Really Us Kids Under Stress) - EP - 1999

EP - 1999 - Self-Released  

"Constructive R.U.K.U.S is the brain child of Good aka Sugar Bear and Willie Wasted aka Jamarkas, friends since elementary school. After high school we got the idea together, to form a crew true to all the forms of hip hop. Dancing, Raping, Graphing, DJing and Getting Faded (Partying). Which is why you are probley barely finding out about us. Constructive originated in El Paso Texas. Where we started the crew up with a crazy ass music major, Haj aka Hans who went to UTEP. Needles to say we blew up the spot at all the local venues. One of are high points was opening up for Das Efx and Onyx. After relocating to San Diego , California things took off. We added two new members Blue aka Lou and AL New aka Madd Nappy Vandel. With Al New joining on we got different beats and it just made are sound more divers. We honed are skills and made are stage show hype and party friendley. Are show is high energy and yet so grimmy. We have performed at most of the major venues in San Diego , like 4th and B , Dream Street , Canes , The Belley up Tavern , The Blue Agave just to name a few. We are veterans of SXSW in Austin TX and of NXNW in Portland OR. We are also seasoned vets of a major US tour. The Aftermath tour by Osiris shoes. We have been underground favorites for a long time I guess we could be called the under dogs. We have had a lot of music on different skate board videos (Osiris ,The Storm ,Shorty's, Fulfill the Dream, Globe, World Cup of skating and many others) and a few different mixed cd's." by Sugar Bear courtesy of rldbsp.blogspot

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