Saturday, July 3, 2021

Video : Science Of Sound - It Ain't Safe - 2021

"The Brooklyn-based trio drops their first video for "It Ain't Safe" from the classic LP, Kaleidoscope Phonetics. The powerful song was produced by none other than Q- Tip of A Tribe Called Quest in 1995. It's accompanied by a video that artistically reflects the ills of community-based violence ravaging urban neighborhoods across the country at the time but still rings true today. In the opening scene, we have special guest appearances from anti-gun violence organizations Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) and Man Up Inc. as they lead the charge to make the communities safe again. Tyke-0 and Peter Chan Rap over reflective projected images highlighting the song's lyrics as DJ Beetle takes command of the 1’s and 2’s on a platform, dawning the group's iconic logo.  Outside of a few rare images of Science of Sound, the enigmatic group has been heard for years minus any real visuals. The powerful video with a gripping message gives fans a long-awaited look at the trio just in time for Gun Violence Awareness Month. This video will give fans what they have been waiting for and leave them asking for more." - courtesy of Science Of Sound Music 

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