Thursday, July 15, 2021

BORED STIFF - Ghetto Research (20 Year Anniversary) - 2021


Bored Stiff also known as B.S was formed in 1992 in the Fillmore, Lower Haight Street section of San Francisco. The group consisted of 12 members including Equipto, Big Shawn, TD Camp, Mint Rock, White Mic, Dubstar, P-Way, Ike Plump, Julz, and more...

Photo courtesy of  Ike Ali Pinkston

Their 3rd album "Ghetto Research" originally released in 2001 and fully produced by Big Shawn (except for track #12 by Laird Luv), has never been released on vinyl officially so if you like the Bay Area sound, it's the good moment to catch this 20 year anniversary edition (100 copies only).

Shipping Date : August 1st 2021

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