Saturday, July 10, 2021

Munk Wit Da Funk - Holly Hoodz Anthology, Vol. 1 LP - 2021

LP - 2021- Hip-Hop Enterprise 

"HHE is proud to announce a collaboration with Munk Wit Da Funk, Illadelph Records and The Militant Mind State. We will be releasing a 3 Volume Anthology that will be released entirely in the upcoming months. The anthology will include all the classics, unreleased tracks, demos, original remixes, freestyles and rarities recorded between 1994 and 2000." - courtesy of Michel Mees (HHE)

The first volume will be limited to 300 copies on Azure Blue Opaque w/ Grey & Black Marbled Vinyl (100 copies), on Grey Opaque w/ Blue & Black Marbled Vinyl (100 copies) & on Traditional Black Vinyl. 


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