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Poison Ladd S.L.R. - Thing Called Jazz / Who's The Man - 2010

12" - 2010 - Solid Ground Records 

Here is the 12" released by Poison Ladd S.L.R (RIP) on Solid Ground Records in 2010. If you don't know him, you need to know that Ronald Potts a.k.a Poison Ladd S.L.R (Supreme.Lyrics.Rockwell) was a North Philly based emcee, who was also an original member of the legendary crew named 100X.

This 12" consists of 2 songs titled "A Thing Called Jazz" on the A-side produced by Beats In General (of 100X) a.k.a Extortionist B in 1989, and "Who's The Man" on the B-side produced by L.E Square (of 100X) a.k.a Lord Lee in 1997.

Poison Ladd & Beats In General - Photo courtesy of Beats In General

300 copies of this 12" were pressed in 2010. If you like the 100X Posse and don't have this record in your collection yet.. you can find a few copies for sale online.

Poison Ladd & Beats In General - Photo courtesy of Beats In General

Beats In General, could you tell us how the connection happened between you and Poison Ladd?

Beats In General : "My cousin Craig Mack (no relation to the Bad Boy artist Craig Mack) introduced me to Ronald Potts in 1983, I was a 13 year old Dj at the time. Ronald Potts was under the name Mc Rockwell."

Do you remember how you fell into hip-hop ?

Beats In General : "That's a good question...I guess it started when I started spinning the early hip-hop records as a Dj. Songs like Micstro, Treacherous Three, Grand Master Flash & The Furious 5... after hearing records like that I was hooked... and hearing Mantronix made me start producing beats !"

How did the connection happen between you, Poison Ladd and the 100X crew ?

Beats In General : "Poison Ladd connected with Lee a.k.a L.E Square and his brother Rob Johnson a.k.a Are Em when Poison was living on Cecil B More Ave in North Philly. Lee and Rob lived around the corner on 10th & Oxford (100X). Poison brought me on as a mentor to Rob and Lee to help them with production. Poison, Rob & Lee, formed 100X... I think this was around 1986 -1987 ... long time ago !"

Extortionist B, where does this nickname come from ?

Beats In General : "Extortionist B was given to me by Poison before it was changed to Beats In General which came from BIG. Dj Big was my dj name before meeting Poison."

What were you music influences as a producer ?

Beats In General : "Grandmaster Flash,  Africa Bambaataa. Mantronix, Bombsquad, De La Soul... comes to mind. I'm sure there are a few more, but these played a major part of me wanting to produce."

Could you give us more info about Solid Ground Records ?  

Beats In General : "Solid Ground Records was created by a mentor to Poison Ladd named Dean Majiid. I believe Dean Majiid started the label around 1986. He allowed us to release our first 12" record "Rock The 8 / I Need Juanita" on Solid Ground in 1987. When then allowed 100X to release "M.C. Killin' / Death Wish" in 1988.  Then when Poison and I relased "Still Another 1-4-U-2-N-V" in 2010 Dean Majiid gave us the record label.

When you say "Dean Majiid gave us" ... you mean for free ?

Beats In General : "Yes he simply gave us the rights to Solid Ground Records... signed it over to me and Poison."

Mad Props to Beats In General, thanks for your time.

Rest In Paradise Poison Ladd S.L.R !

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