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HELL.USA.NATION - These Days / Stay On Top - 1997


12" - 1997 - Snatchman Ent.  

Back in 1997 with the one and only 12" released officially by the group HELL.USA.NATION from Washington DC. The wax came out on  Snatchman Entertainement and consists of the tracks "These Days" on the A-side and "Stay On Top" on the B-side. 

HELL.USA.NATION consisted of Shaquil Taj Allah, K-Low, Navaho Black, DJ Crucial and Redrum who will be known under the name of Dread Tha Ol Head after 2006. 

Redrum and Shaquil were from Fort Washington in PG County Maryland a neighboring suburb of DC. Crucial was from Fairmonts Heights, K-low and Navahjo were from DC. 

The connection happened between all the members of the group through a Studio named Fresh Start. They all were recording at the same studio. Shaquil was the lead Producer. They gave Redrum a Production Deal, so they worked together everyday. They recruited the remaining members from the best artist coming to that studio.

From Left To Right : Shaquil - Redrum & K-Low - Circa 1993 - Photo courtesy of Redrum

They formed the group in 1992 so don't need to say that they recorded a lot of unreleased material. For the story, they signed with Priority through Pat Charbonnet who was Ice Cube Manager, so they recorded over 25 songs in 1995... but the album never saw the light of day! They got dropped when Ice Cube left Priority... due to Label politics... they offered Redrum a Solo deal but that never materialized other...

After that Navaho Black started Snatchman Entertainment and released the 12", with both tracks "These Dayz" & "Stay On Top" produced by Shaquil Taj Allah. 

Mad Props to Redrum

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