Thursday, April 8, 2021

Da Cor - Mic Mangler / Strait Shots - 1998

Here is the wax released by Da Cor on Stratus Entertainment Ltd in 1998. The 12" consists of 2 songs "Mic Mangler" on the A-side available in its Radio, Street and Instrumental versions, and "Strait Shots" on the B-side available in its Street, Instrumental and Accapella versions.  

"Strait Shots" is for me the best track of the 12inch. I think the first time I've listened to this song was when I bought the mixtape "Les Intouchables" dropped by DJ JR Ewing in 1998.

K7 - 1998 - South Fork Industries 

The members of the group were Strip Poker from NYC, Sha Slayer from Flatbush Brooklyn and Phil T 'Filthy' Rich from Corona Queens.  They came up with the name Da Cor short for Da Center of Attraction in 1998 when they had that deal with Stratus Entertainment.

Strip Poker : "The connection came through me and Phil T, we were working on music since 1995 together and from there we were shopping music around we connected with Nelson Case and we got the deal with Stratus Entertainment. Sha Slayer knew Phil T so he was added to the group but I met Phil T through my friends, I told him I was working on music and we started working together from then up until 1999. 

Artwell Smart produced "Strait Shots" and my friend from school Febs produced "Mic Mangler". Phil T got in some trouble after we finished the album so we had to put the unreleased songs on the shelf so then it was just me and I came out with Strip Poker Reign Supreme in 1999."

Mad Props to Strip Poker, thanks for your time.


  1. Damn! You went deep on this one. I also liked Strippoker 12-inches vinyl. You should have asked him if he is the same Strippoker on the record Sta Puff & Reckagnize-Massive weight.